Professional Tennis Player Gets Nude Bodypainted – Caroline Wozniacki

Sometimes there are really nice surprises, things which never seemed like a realistic possibility until they actually really happened.  When former number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki agreed to strip naked and get bodypainted, it was one of those rare occasions.
Lots of people will have wanted to see Caroline Wozniacki nude, but how was the scenario ever going to occur, perhaps she could become an actress and take her clothes off in a film, or maybe Playboy have made her an offer.  In fact, the magic moments eventually took place due simply to someone asking if they could bodypaint her, and she thought it seemed like a fun idea.  The entire event was filmed and photographed, so as the whole world can get to see.  Did Caroline realize that this will send billions of guys wild or did she believe it was just some kind of art project?  It looks like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Who knows what she was thinking, but now it doesn’t matter, as here’s the video for you all to enjoy.
Caroline Wozniacki naked in bodypaint

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