Blonde cutie Kate Brenner poses for Playboy

Kate Brenner is a sporty girl from Huntington Beach, California.  She enjoys playing tennis, kayaks and goes surfing.  Kate has a great sense of humor and if she doesn’t like the interview questions she’ll answer with sarcasm or creativity, she knows how to make people laugh.
Kate remembers her best date “We had gone to see a drive-in movie,” says Kate. “We didn’t use the sound box. We ended up making up our own words to the movie. It was so funny.”  Next she tells us what not to do “My worst first date was with a guy who cried,” says Miss Brenner. “He became embarrassed about getting drunk during dinner so he kept drinking, spilled coffee on the waitress and cried. There was no second date.”
She’s still waiting for the perfect guy to come along, until then she’ll cuddle her dog at night “I love to curl up with my dog at night,” says Kate.  Bet some of you are wishing you her dog.
For a free SFW preview of Kate’s five minute Playboy video just click on her gorgeous eyes below, the preview version is 1 minute 19 seconds and ends just as things are about to get NSFW.  She’s wearing what may be either a bikini or a pair of bra and panties, whatever it is it’s skimpy, sexy and revealing.

Kate Brenner has gorgeous eyes

Playboy Plus Official

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