Kari Sweets giving a sexy bra and panties tease with matching stockings

Sexy Kari Sweets looks good enough to eat in her candy colored bra and panties although we probably shouldn’t talk about eating Kari Sweets because I’m conjuring up all kinds of thoughts here. Anyway, getting back on track… Kari does look amazing in these pictures and with those matching stockings, one could say that this is the sexiest she’s ever looked (and that’s a bold statement to make). Kari goes on to tease us by removing one of her panty straps to show off a bit of thigh then turns to give a fabulous look at her sexy hot ass. She then leans forward over a chair with an inviting look on her face then squats on the edge of the chair and looks over her shoulder to make sure that we’re having a really good look (which I’m certain we all are). Kari finishes with a beautiful shot of her sitting legs spread on the chair as she plays with her beautiful shiny hair. This is an amazing set of photos from Kari Sweets and if you want to see more where these came from then all you need to do is click on Kari’s pics below and make your way onto her official site. Membership is an option to encourage Kari to continue making these fine photo sets. Have fun!

Beautiful Kari Sweets posing in her sexy bra and panties with maching stockingsShe unties one of her panty straps as she kneels on the bedKari's giving a fabulous shot of her sexy cute assGorgeous gymnast leaning over a chair with a nice view of her sexy pink and yellow stockingsNow she's sitting on the edge of her chair to give a wonderful view of her juicy hot assNext she gives an elegant pose as she sits with her legs slightly open in her chair

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