Spencer Nicks 100 Subscribers Challenge

You may have heard about Spencer Nicks and her new YouTube channel, she promised that if you could reach 100 subscribers she would make a very naughty video indeed, which is not suitable for YouTube.  Well the excellent news is that Spencer Nicks has now reached 100 subscribers, so as promised she’s made a hot revealing video which is definitely too NSFW for YouTube.  Spencer performs a naughty strip tease from her bikini, and then eventually shows her naughty bits and puts on quite a show.  It’s over 15 minutes long and essential viewing for every one of her fans.  If you’d like to download her video now simply click on her image below.  Also remember that if she keeps getting more subscribers she’ll be making even more naughty videos to reward you, so if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do.

Spencer Nicks 100 Subscriber Challenge
Spencer Nicks 100 Subscriber Challenge Zipset

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