Car show cuties in tight revealing outfits and stripping off

Good news for you all!!  We’ve found this excellent new channel on Cocoscope with a load of videos of hot car show cuties, they are updating regularly too, so this channel is well worth adopting as a regular one to check out, it’s called MyWhiteWhale.  We’ve put together some screenshots below showing examples of the hot ladies wearing tight revealing outfits.  The thing about the car shows is that the gorgeous women know that they’ll be competing against some very fast and expensive cars for your attention, so hence why they make such a big effort putting cleavage, ass and legs on display, often wearing miniskirts which are so short they’d be illegal in a number of countries.  These girls will often give you deliberate upskirts (with or without panties) and downblouses.  And if it looks like the cars are succeeding in getting the focus of your attention, often two or more of the car show cuties will climb up on stage and start performing a strip tease, which sometimes ends up being a full striptease.  So to give you a good idea of what this channel is about we’ve put five screenshots below and also a video.  In the video which starts off with two hotties stripping off, after if goes to show you a lot more of what goes on at these wonderful car shows.  You can either press Play on the video to watch it now here or if you want to check out more of what’s on the channel (a load of free stuff) then click on any of the screenshots below as these are linked to the page with all of the free videos.  Remember also that if you’d like to encourage the channel to keep on filming these events and sharing them, try to sign up whenever that’s possible, and that way you will be able to see all of the uncensored videos too, so it’s well worth it.  Let’s hope MyWhiteWhale keeps on updating for years to come, it’s what a lot of people have been waiting for, at last the Internet is providing what we want to see!!

Blonde with a sexy ass Sexy miniskirt Sexy girl at a car show Car show girls My White Whale

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