Brooke Marks Pencil Nipples Zipset

Brooke Marks is a girl who loves to tease and play with your imagination.  This webcam show is called “Brooke Marks Pencil Nipples”, the name is quite descriptive really, as during the show Brooke gets topless and attempts to cover her nipples with two pencils.  Do you think she’ll succeed?  Surely there’ll have to be a nipslip or two.  Especially with two simultaneous webcam captures from different angles watching her attempt to balance pencils on her firm nipples.  Surely it’s just a matter of time until they fall off and leave her fully topless in front of her webcam.  There’s a lot more fun and naughtiness during the course of the show too, which is over an hour long in total and of resolution 1200 x 718.  In the preview gif on the download page you’ll see that she ends up fully naked and tries to cover herself up, it’s going to be a tough job with two webcams rolling.  To head over to the official download page for the zipset now just click on the quadruple screencap below.  The zipset is highly entertaining, another gem for everyone’s collection.       
Brooke Marks Pencil Nipples

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