Kari Sweets Secret Agent

It looks like Miss Kari Sweets is actually a secret agent, she appears to have been captured, but do you think she is enjoying being a prisoner a bit too much?  Is the way she is acting all part of her plan, perhaps some kind of a trap?  Agents like Kari are highly trained to get out of all kinds of tricky situations, so as tempting as she is, do try to keep control as she flirts; afterall Agent Kari Sweets is a dangerous woman.  If you’re not careful you could end up as her prisoner, you’re not meant to be smiling at that thought by the way, this is a serious situation.  To see more of Agents Sweets including the uncensored version just make your way over to the official ultimate collection website by clicking on the super sexy animated gif below.

Ultimate Collection Agent Kari

Kari Sweets ATF Agent

The uncensored ultimate collection

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