April poses for the Chicago Playboy casting calls

We’ve been looking through the huge archive of Playboy casting calls, there are so many girls who made their dream come true of posing for Playboy, they never intend to pose again as it is more of a bucket list accomplishment for them, just a complete one-off, you won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet.  Some of the girls have second thoughts and ask Playboy to take down their casting call photos and video, so it’s always well worth saving their pics/videos while you can.  We’ve just been looking through the girls who attended the Chicago 2011 Playboy Casting Call and found a real girl nextdoor type called April, she’s posing in a grey bikini top and tight yellow bikini bottoms, she’s clearly enjoying the casting call, you can see it in her smile.  We’ve put together some photos from her casting call and screencaps of the casting call video for you to enjoy.  First April removes her top, then after a while she starts to untie her bikini bottoms and drops them to the floor.  The camera comes in close for some very nice views leaving nothing to the imagination.  Playboy are very generous letting us share these with you just as long as we cover April’s naughty bits with stars, but if you’d like to enjoy this Chicago casting call girl nextdoor cutie fully uncensored and in hi-res/HD then it’s amazingly still only $1 for full unrestricted access to the Playboy Plus website, grab your password >HERE<, then once you’ve logged in do a search in the Playboy members area for “chicago casting call 2011”, you’ll find her pics in there, in case you can’t find her video in the site here’s a >link direct to it< but remember you need your your login/password first.  Enjoy the eye candy and make sure you download the photos and video in case April has a change of heart and asks Playboy to remove her, as these girls often do.

Chicago girl is about to get naked for Playboy

Chicago girl poses for Playboy

April poses for at the Chicago Playboy Casting Call

April at the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls

April poses in tight yellow bikini bottoms

April is in yellow bikini bottoms

Cute and smiling girl nextdoor April at the Chicago Playboy castings

Cute smiling girl nextdoor April

Cute busty girl April

Cute and busty girl

Playboy Casting Call Bikini Cameltoe

Casting Call Cameltoe

Hot and sexy bikini ass

Sexy bikini ass

Tight yellow bikini bottoms

Tight yellow bikini bottoms

Looks like April has shaven haven under those yellow bikini bottoms

April looks to be nice and shaven under those bikini bottoms

Cute Chicago girl nextdoor April gets fully naked for a Playboy casting call in 2011

Cute Chicago girl nextdoor April

Cute girl nextdoor April posing for the first time

Cute April poses for the first time

April shows her sexy bikini bottom ass

Sexy Ass

Girl nextdoor smiling at Playboy Casting Call

Girl nextdoor smiling

Girl nextdoor cleavage

Cute cleavage

April gets topless at the Playboy casting call in Chicago

April gets topless

Bikini bottoms untied

Bikini bottoms untied

April is topless posing now in just her bikini bottoms

Topless girl April

April has her cute boobs out on display

Cute boobs

Cute boobs out out for the cameras

Look at those cute boobs

April is posing topless

Topless girl

April is posing topless for Playboy as she unties her yellow bikini bottoms

April is topless, she unties her bikini bottoms

April starts to untie her yellow bikini bottoms

Time to untie those bikini bottoms

April is about to lose her bikini bottoms for the casting call

Those bikini bottoms are about to come off

April's bikini bottoms start for fall down

Bikini bottoms start to fall

April closes her eyes as she realizes that she's standing nude for Playboy

April closes her eyes, she cannot believe she’s standing nude

Naked girl nextdoor April smiling for the camera

April smiles for the camera

Cute Chicago girl nextdoor posing

Cute girl nextdoor posing

April shows her fully nude body

April is fully nude

Nude Playboy casting call - Chicago 2011

Nude casting call

Naked Girl at a Playboy Casting Call

Naked Playboy Casting Call

April has a hot nude body

April has a great body

Casting call girl April has a sexy ass

Casting call girl with a sexy ass

Casting call girl April is standing fully naked for Playboy

April is fully naked

Naked Playboy Girl Nextdoor

Naked Playboy Girl

First-timer April shows off her cute boobs for Playboy

First-timer April shows her perfect boobs

April has her shaven pussy out for her Playboy casting call

April has her shaven pussy out

What a body this girl has, fully naked, fit and hot!

What a body, fully naked!

Naked girl posing at Playboy Chicago casting call

Naked girl at Playboy Casting Call

April shows off her naked ass for Playboy

April showing off her sexy ass

Sexy girl April posing naked for Playboy

Sexy girl nextdoor

April is fully naked at the Chicago 2011 Playboy castings

April is naked for the Chicago 2011 Playboy Casting

The Chicago 2011 Playboy casting call - April

Naked girl nextdoor – Chicago Playboy 2011

A girl poses fully nude for a Playboy casting call in Chicago 2011

Fully nude girl nextdoor at a Playboy casting call

Girl nextdoor April unties her yellow bikini bottoms and unviels her perfectly shaven pussy for the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls in 2010

April shows her pussy at the Chicago Playboy casting call (2011)

Playboy casting call pussy closeup

Pussy closeup

April blows a kiss to everyone watching

April blows a kiss


To enjoy viewing April’s casting call fully uncensored while you still can (a lot of the girls ask for Playboy to take their casting calls down), it’s just $1 for unrestricted and uncensored access to the Playboy website, you can pick up your password >HEREa link for you<, but only use this once you’ve already got your password/login or you won’t be able to see the video.  Enjoy watching this girl nextdoor reveal all and also make sure that you download her photos and video in case she soon asked Playboy to take them down, often a girl moves into a career where posing nude for Playboy is not seen as appropriate.  Appreciate April while you can!

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