Kari Sweets Hokies

Excellent news everyone!  The original Hokies video has now been released into the Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection, there are various revealing slips which had been edited out of the originals.  This is a must for every fan of Kari.  To download this and all of Kari’s uncensored shoots just head over to the official Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection website >HERE< and have a lot of fun!!

Kari Sweets Hokies

Kari Sweets Hokies

Kari Sweets Hokies has oops slips for the Ultimate Collection

Kari Sweets Hokies has oops slips

Kari Sweets poses in her cute hokies panties

Kari Sweets in her hokies panties

Kari Sweets Smiles in her Hokies Panties

Kari Sweets Smiling

Kari Sweets Teases - Utlimate Collection

Kari Sweets teasing for the Ultimate Collection

Kari Sweets Panties Down - Pussy Slip

Kari Sweets pulling her panties down

To enjoy the uncensored movie including all the slips just make your way over to the official Kari Sweets website >HERE< and enjoy naughty Kari.

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