Sports Teams Lift Their Skirts and Show Asses for Charity

There are some girls who will only get naked on the Internet for charity, it is often girls in University sports teams.  Today we’ve put a together a collection of nice girls showing their asses to raise money for a good cause.  It’s mostly UK girls who who have dared to show skin for, this is most likely the only time you’ll find these girls flaunting their bodies on the Internet.  Fair play to them for being brave enough to do this to help people out, the next time one of these calendars goes on sale make sure you buy one to help the chosen charities.

Girl lifting her skirt and showing her ass for charity

Girl lifts her skirt for charity

A girls sports team lifts up their skirts for charity and show off their fit asses

Sports team lift up their skirts for charity

Three girls strip naked showing off their asses and tanlines for charity

Three girls show off their cute asses and tanlines

Girls show their cute asses for a charity calendar

Charity girls show their cute asses

Cheerleaders strip naked for a charity calendar

Cheerleaders naked

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