Real Girls Gone Bad – Wet T-shirt Contest

Here’s a fun wet t-shirt contest with seven cute girls who were all willing to party on stage in their white panties and get soaking wet until their skimpy clothing became very revealing indeed.  Once again the legendary Real Girls Gone Bad camera crew were in exactly the right place at the right time, big thanks go out to them!  Which of these girls do you think will dare to strip off for the crowd?  To watch the girls dance in their bras and panties and find out which one of the girls show some skin, just head over to the official Real Girls Gone Bad website >HERE< and enjoy the party!

Wet t-shirt contest

Wet t-shirt contest

Drunk party girls dancing on stage

Drunk party girls on stage

Party girl dancing on stage in white panties

Party girl dancing in white panties

UK girls in a wet t-shirt competition

UK wet t-shirt competition

Girl flashing her boobs on stage

Girl flashes her boobs on stage

The crowd is cheering for this party girl to strip topless

Party girl is about to get topless

Wet t-shirt contest girl in sheer wet panties and top

Girl in wet t-shirt contest, her panties are sheer now

Girl flashing her boobs on stage

Girl flashes on stage

Girl in a handbra on stage during a wet t-shirt contest - ENF

Handbra ENF

To find out which of these nice girls turned naughty and showed some skin for the crowd, just head over to the official Real Girls Gone Bad website >HERE< and enjoy the party from the front row.

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