Bailey Knox – Blue Martini

To celebrate the New Year Bailey Knox is sipping on a glass of Blue Martini, she says “Ugh, this is PURE VODKA!………..actually it’s not that bad” lol 😉 maybe this will help to get her into the right mood for a tease.  Fingers crossed sooner or later that dress is coming off.  To enjoy the full uncensored shoot now just head over to the official Bailey Knox website >HERE< and treat your eyes to Bailey!

Bailey-Knox-Martini-1 Bailey-Knox-Martini-2 Bailey-Knox-Martini-3 Bailey-Knox-Martini-4 Bailey-Knox-Martini-6 Bailey-Knox-Martini-7 Bailey-Knox-Martini-8 Bailey-Knox-Martini-9 Bailey-Knox-Martini-10 Bailey-Knox-Martini-11 Bailey-Knox-Martini-12 Bailey-Knox-Martini-13 Bailey-Knox-Martini-14 Bailey-Knox-Martini-15

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